The Purpose of the Lake Region Aquarium Society

  1. To exchange ideas about aquarium life.
  2. To increase and disseminate the knowledge of aquarium keeping as a
    non-profit service to aquarists everywhere.
  3. To encourage the breeding, raising, and showing of tropical freshwater  fish, marine fish, freshwater plants, and corals.
  4. To encourage the preservation of our tropical, marine and native

New Meeting Day,  Time and Location 2019

For 2019 we will be meeting at the Spaulding Memorial Library on Rt. 114 in Sebago. Meetings are held on the third Saturday of every month at 1 PM.

Except for our July Plant Collecting trip which is on July 21st at noon.

Raffle Prizes, Silent Auction

Admission is Free

Open to the Public

282 Sebago Rd (Route 114), Sebago, ME 04029


Come Join Us!

Lake Region Aquarium Society is a not-for- profit group of local aquarium hobbyists and fish breeders located in Maine. Our objectives are to increase the knowledge of aquarium keeping as a service to aquarists everywhere, and to encourage the breeding, raising and showing of ornamental and naturally occurring fish, plants, and corals among all those interested. 

Monthly Activities

Every month we will feature workshops covering various aspects of the aquarium hobby.  We will also hold a monthly bowl show for members to display their fish. Each meeting has a Buck -A-bag Auction for members and guests to buy and sell fish, plants, corals, and related aquarium equipment.

State Unrestricted Freshwater Species List has been updated.

The keeping of many species of freshwater fish in Maine is illegal without a permit.  The list at the link belowhas species allowed by the state that don't require a permit.  The list can be found at the following link.